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The trouble with “We are all one”

On Monday Feb 6th, 2017, I was hosted by a number of local partner organizations in Thunder Bay, Ontario, to facilitate civic dialogues on the topic of the racial divide

Civic Dialogues: Selected Stories

One of the unique features of the Lewis Method of Deep Democracy is that it makes it possible for large groups of people to be in dialogue with each other

Vancouver Dialogue Oct 2015: Interview with Jessie Hemphill

Living Well to Affect Change in the World By Mike Meyer   Via the magic of the internet, I had the pleasure of speaking with Jessie Hemphill regarding her experience

Halifax Dialogue Oct 2015: Interview with Michael Chender

Michael Chender’s experience at the Deep Democracy Leadership Forum in Halifax, Nova Scotia By Torill Gillespie 1. Tell me a little about yourself and why you went to the event.

Vancouver Dialogue Oct 2015: Reflection by Lara Boulos

A Mother-Daughter Take On Deep Democracy By Lara Boulos   My mother and I were sitting at the kitchen table when I got the invitation to attend Vancouver’s Deep Democracy

Vancouver Dialogue Oct 2015: Interview with Karen Storry

"Hope is Bullshit" - A Discussion with Karen Storry By Peter Lipscombe Karen Storry heard about the Hope is Bullshit event from a friend, and signed up in spite of

Halifax Dialogue Oct 2015: Interview with Danny Graham

Deep Democracy: A New Form of Communication for the Politics of the 21st Century? By Veronica Reiss I had the pleasure of interviewing Danny Graham, the Chief Engagement Officer for

Vancouver Dialogue Oct 2015: Interview with Peter Boothroyd

By Neal Abbott The October 3rd event, Is Hope Bullshit, was a firsthand opportunity for residents of the Vancouver community to learn about Deep Democracy as a facilitation and negotiation

Halifax Dialogue Oct 2015: Interview with “Amy”

The proud province of Nova Scotia is currently facing some significant economic and demographic challenges. According to the “Now of Never” report, a provincial economic forecast written by a local